Cohort 3

Duality Cohort 3:

  • Icarus Quantum (Boulder, Colorado) is developing scalable solutions for a secure quantum internet. Its disruptive technology can generate quantum light reliably and efficiently, in contrast to other generators in the market that work only a fraction of the time and limit the reach of quantum networks.
  • Ingenii (New York, New York) is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of quantum computing within high-impact life and environmental science use cases. It is doing this by bringing together quantum algorithm content with consumers in a ready-to-use format with benchmarking and error mitigation, enhanced with automation and AI.
  • Ki3 Photonics (Montreal, Canada) is developing photonics hardware for the generation and processing of broadband quantum signals. Its offering solves the problem of scalability, energy consumption, and distribution efficiency of quantum photonics signals over optical fiber networks.
  • reOrbital (Hermosa Beach, California) is using a logistical innovation to be the first company to mass produce products in microgravity at scale. By unlocking microgravity manufacturing, reOrbital enables improvements in optics, nanomaterials, and semiconductors, accelerating the growth of quantum.
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