The APS March Meeting was held last week in Chicago, Illinois – the world’s leading hub for quantum innovation and home of the Duality Accelerator.

“It’s been great to meet all the companies and see all the solutions they are providing; the systems integrators and how they are serving the quantum market; and the startups making headway in this space,” said Duality Senior Director Chuck Vallurupalli.

Preeti Chalsani, deputy director of Duality, noted that there was certainly a lot of quantum content as always, though she was surprised by the number of booths that were quantum focused.

“There were many interesting sessions on quantum computing, communication and sensing, and metrology, focusing on advances in the underlying physical technologies and control protocols as well as use cases,” she said. Industry also was well represented across the board and talks spanned science communication, teaching, and career paths.

“APS has provided so many wonderful opportunities for our startups to not only make valuable connections but also to continue to expose their technology to the quantum world,” added Anna Wislocki, who supports all programming and operations for startups in the Duality cohort.

Along with Duality leadership and partners, the Cohort 1 startups participated in the event this year, giving presentations, speaking on panels, and making new connections – here is what they had to say:

// Axion Technologies Founder Carol Scarlett:

“APS has always stood as the premier organization for physics across the US. The meeting brings together not just the academics, but the support organizations needed to make quantum computing and hardware possible. It was a great opportunity to meet directly with people who can shape the use and market for quantum randomness.”

Axion Technologies Founder Carol Scarlett presenting at the APS March Meeting

// Great Lakes Crystal Technologies Cofounder Keith Evans:

“The APS March Meeting was always a favorite of mine and it’s great to be able to attend in person this year. It is the ultimate conference to meet with leading-edge physicists and other technologists working at the forefront of next-generation solutions, and with all the high technology companies bringing those technologies to market.”

// qBraid Chief Operating Officer Ricky Young

“The sheer amount of resources that are provided by Duality are further accentuated by the very fact that at APS we’re able to connect with the leading quantum computing companies and researchers in the world.”

qBraid Chief Operating Officer Ricky Young (far right) with Chuck Vallurupalli and Anna Wislocki

// QuantCAD CEO Jennifer Flatte:

“The most useful aspect of attending APS is meeting with the broader physics community and hearing that the problem we are attempting to solve is widespread—that there is a market for our noise solutions, and that we have a shot at greatly impacting the future of quantum technology.”

// Quantopticon Cofounder and CEO Mirella Koleva:

“This has been a marvelous opportunity for us to meet with innovators, diverse players in the quantum supply chain for partnerships and/or investment, and even ‘audition’ for some of the roles we will be opening up soon in our company.”

Quantopticon CEO Mirella Koleva and CSO Gaby Slavcheva

// Cofounder and CEO Pranav Gokhale:

“APS March Meeting has been a one-stop-shop for the quantum computing community. has been able to present important scientific results, attend others’ talks, engage customers, meet suppliers, and speak with potential recruits—all in the same venue.

“I was encouraged to see significant progress in qubit control hardware. This level of the quantum computing stack is critical for reducing errors in quantum programs, but it lacked dedicated hardware support until recently.”

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